Who Am I?

Hi, I am Heather Hutchings –
Founder of ‘Unleash Your Business’.
Learn more about me below.

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Heather Hutchings – Founder of ‘Unleash Your Business’. Learn more about me below.



  • A Taranaki girl now living on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.
  • Partner to a very patient man.
  • Mother and Noni to a fun-loving son and an inspiring young granddaughter.
  • Love walking, swimming, biking, yoga, sailing, and skiing.
  • A lover of Jazz.
  • Enjoy being with friends and chilling out with great, and sometimes, challenging discussions.



  • An experienced Business Coach/Mentor, Trainer, Speaker. Working with and supporting small to medium businesses, unleashing their power and potential to see the future and to focus on solutions that open the door to opportunity and success.
  • A successful business owner having owned businesses in the retail, hospitality, and service industry.
  • Past Chief Assessor for the Kapiti Horowhenua Business awards
  • Business Mentor for the Business Kapiti Horowhenua Business  awards
  • A member of the Business Kapiti Horowhenua Board for the Electra Business awards, Co-Chair of the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce. Past Chair of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce
  • Past member of the Kapiti Business Leaders Group, which advocated to central and local govt on behalf of Kapiti Coast Businesses, and the Chamber representative on the Kapiti Coast Economic Development Strategy Refresh Committee



  • I have a degree in Management and Marketing
  • Made it my goal to work with, and coach Business Founders and Consultants who are ambitious but lack the know how to reach their objectives.
  • Coached Business Founders from service, retail, consultants and family businesses. Transforming and creating impact in their business, enabling them to scale their business for growth.
  • Been personally coached by the amazing Christina Guidotti, a leading expert on success, belief, conviction and commitment, the dynamic Taki Moore, author of ‘Million Dollar Coach, Marisa Murgatroyd, the Founder of Live Your Message and the creator of the Experience Product Masterclass. Danny Iny the founder and CEO of Mirasee, and Matt Church and his team of Thought Leaders.

My mission is to transform businesses: to unleash their power and potential, and shift the mindsets of business owners so they can focus on solutions that open the doors to opportunities and success. So often I see business owners giving too much and getting too little from their business, and lacking confidence that anything will ever change. But it can, and I really get a kick out of helping people finding that change, and implementing it for themselves.

Heather Hutchings – woman of spirit, exuberance and vigour.


Heather Hutchings is an expert problem-solver, a master strategist and a specialist business coach. Her career in leadership began even before she started working, exploring challenges and opportunities that inspired and educated her. From her own lived experiences, she knows that attitude and aptitude are critical in order to respond proactively and positively to the curve balls of owning a business – and life itself – and that is something she now dedicates her time to share with others.

Business is something that Heather lives and breathes. In her life she has lent her business-oriented mind to literature, early childhood education, jewellery, hospitality, tourism, competitive bodybuilding, community law and GST in all its numerical glory. It’s an eclectic mix of things, all involving learning and leadership, and all teaching the value of being open to learning new things – even if it’s just once around the block.

Her pursuit of knowledge has led Heather to become educated in a range of best practice business methods and mentorship. She takes pride in sharing this knowledge with business owners who have shown the courage and curiosity in wanting to do things differently.

Heather’s ultimate goal is to make herself redundant, because she believes in the value of sharing information, of guiding others, and in her mission of helping business owners reach their most audacious goals. Her strengths also include the ability to think ‘big picture’, to be visionary, and to subtly adjust her clients’ day to day goings on in order to make their business successful in its own unique way.

Heather is innately familiar with the things that add up to being empowering and courageous in business. From leadership to taking on new challenges, to simply living life, Heather believes these elements to be the things that sets successful businesses apart, and it’s become her passion to share her own experiences and to inspire this way of thinking in others. It’s a thrill she is sure will never lose its impact.

Ready to work with me?



Working with me will provide you with a clear roadmap to delivering consistent results in all areas of your business, having fun and enjoying the return on your investment of time and money.   

I will be the Champion on your team, your accountability partner, your sounding board and your Business Growth Mentor.

Complimentary Consultation

Uncover Your Business Growth Game Plan with a complimentary 45 minute Zoom session with Heather.

Unleashed Momentum

Our Momentum programme is a 6 month programme that is one on one coaching with Heather.


Our Masterclass programme is an 8 week programme that is completed online via zoom sessions within small groups.

Energy Management

The key is to manage your energy not time to achieve your goals, to be more productive, to have greater satisfaction at work, and get your work life balance sorted.

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