Finding treasure in your own backyard

During the years when diamonds were first being discovered in Africa, a farmer was intrigued by the promise of great wealth. Only one thing stood in his way. His farm had to be sold before he could set off in search of the diamonds that would make him a wealthy man. At last the deal was done and he was free. Free to pursue his dream.

The search was long and painful. Trekking mile after weary mile across deserts and plains, through jungles and mountain passes, the farmer searched for the exclusive diamonds. But none could be found

Finally, penniless, sick, and utterly depressed, he took his own life by throwing himself into a raging river.

Back home, the man who had bought the farm carefully tilled the land. One day as he was planting a crop, he came across a strange looking stone . Carrying it to the farmhouse, he placed it on the mantle.

A visitor to the farmers home saw the unusual stone over the fireplace, examined it, then turned to the new owner of the farm and said. “You have found one of the largest diamonds ever known to man.” Further investigation revealed that the entire farm was literally covered with similar magnificent stones. The farmer sold by the first farmer turned out to be one of the richest, most productive diamond mines in the world.

100 years ago, Dr, Russell Herman Conwell traveled the United states telling and retelling the story. One hundred years later we still need to hear it. You see, just like that farmer, two few of us take the time to investigate and polish what we already have. In our disappointment with the way things are in our quest to get ahead, we fail to recognize the wealth in our own backyard. And we end up walking over untold riches every day.

Excerpted from “Finding Treasure in Your Own Backyard” by Phil Callaway.

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