How much time do you lose to Social Media & distractions?

I am a big fan of Brendon Burchard and was interesting in reading his blog that hit my inbox this morning.    Bells started to ring, and they got louder in my head as I read through his article.

I always thought I was very disciplined with my time and had a high productivity rate… that thought came crashing down around me

Did you know the average person spends 37 minutes per day on Facebook?

Let’s break that down…

37 mins x 7 days = 259 minutes = 4.3 hours Per Week

= 17.2 hours per month = 207 hours per year

207 hours = 8 full days, 24/7


That’s not exact numbers depending on how many days in the year, buy you get the point…

That’s almost an entire MONTH of work per year!

That is only part of the problem.

How often do we say, “There’s never enough time for my dreams… my health… my spouse… blah blah blah.”

But, most people are on social media almost an hour per day.

(Not posting stuff to build their business or career. Just “browsing” almost an hour per day, divided throughout the day in all these mini-distraction moments).

So lets dig deeper.

We can also lose to distraction or poor planning, on average, about 60 minutes BEFORE 3PM every day. (Sometimes, you lose that hour before lunch!).

Let’s break that down.

60 minutes per day = 30 hours per month
= 3.7 FULL 8HR WORKDAYS per month. 

So, by losing just over 90 minutes per day to social media and general distraction or disorganization, you can lose 70 FULL WORKDAYS PER YEAR

That’s losing more than TWO full months of WORK per year. 

But not all of that time has to go to work… that was time for family, health, leisure, travel, LIFE!

The sad part is – and I’m sorry to say this – most people are WAY WORSE OFF.

They watch 4 hours of television per day, spend almost 1 hour browsing social media, and don’t even have a written list of goals anywhere within 1000 yards of their body.

The numbers don’t lie. That’s not everyone. Probably not you. But jeepers, time is VALUABLE, right?!

That’s why I am reworking the way I operate with the mission to become more disciplined about my time.

Thank You Brendon Burchard.  

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