In the words of John Assaraf and Murray Smith who wrote “The Answer”..........

“Lights Camera Action!” So goes the famous cry of preparation that heralds the shooting a films scene.

Lights come first for a reason. On the movie set, the director first makes sure the scene is set and lit properly. A film crew might spend many hours setting up a scene and getting it lit properly for only minutes of actual shooting. Before they shoot a foot of film they have to made sure they have just the RIGHT VISION perfectly in place.


Next comes focus. Once the stage is set and properly lit the director makes sure the camera is in position, with just the right angle and lens. There might be a hundred things going on in that scene, but the director knows exactly where he or she wants to point the camera to get the desired results.

In business, there may be a hundred things going on at once. It may look complicated but it’s not – if you know WHERE TO FOCUS. Before you take any action, you must know where to point the lens.

Finally, it is time to roll the film. The actors have all learned their lines and they’re ready to walk onto the set and do their part. BUT before a line is uttered or any gesture made, the director has already seen it in his or her head, so at the moment something is off, they know it.

It’s the same in business. You have to know what ACTIONS ARE CRITICAL for the scene to work.

Vision, focus, action …... this is the business version of “lights, camera, action”.



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