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Einstein long championed that it is useful and sometimes necessary for people to think like a child to achieve success as an adult. Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Watch children, they have limitless imaginations – remember how cushions, chairs and a rug could morph into a fort or hut. A super hero could be created by a towel? When you’re a kid, your imagination is unrestrained by rules. It’s unbound and free to go anywhere. You really did believe that you could become an Astronaut, An all Black or even The Prime Minister. There were never any obstacles in the way.

Children are not concerned of what others think of them, they will sing and dance, chatter and laugh, oblivious to others around them. Remember the times you have said “no” to your children when it came to the ice-cream or drink, or the longed for toy and then found yourself purchasing the item in question. Children never take no for an answer!!

Children are great networkers ……. willing to hold conversations and play with another child they have never met before. Your younger self would have viewed problems, people and things from a completely different angle. What advice do you think your younger self would be giving you about your project?

Officials at Google and 3M found fashioning offices akin to kindergarten classrooms resulted in creative, energetic environments where innovative ideas are born every day. Even our own NZ Company Xero has designed their office for innovation and creativity.

What do you need to change to take the advice of “Your Younger Self”?



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