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I was attending a mastermind meeting recently and as the group talked about business challenges I started to hear a lot of, Why, Why did this happen, Why didn’t I think of that, Why did I do it that way?

I started to think about the FOUR little questions that one of my own business mentors had challenged me with when I first started business mentoring. I challenge you to think about these FOUR little questions:


Why work this hard, why try to do it all, why learn it, why try to take on this much responsibility, why try to earn as much as I can, why develop all my skills, why go that far, why try to have it all, why put yourself out, why develop yourself to the full, why go to that training day, why work that hard, why is my business not growing, why am I not attracting the right clients?

Do you have a list of your whys? If the why is powerful the how is easy. If the why isn’t strong, if your vision isn’t clear, if your goals are not powerful you will struggle to reach your potential. Make a list of what you want and then develop a vision strategy. What kind of business do you want, what kind of influence would you like? What skills do you need? You decide what you want – work on your WHY


Why not see how much you can earn, why not learn skills, why not see what kind of influence you can have, Why not develop that product, why not speak at your networking evening, why not change the way you market your business, why not attend a workshop on speakership, why not see how valuable you can become to your market place, why not start a new business.


You have the brains, the stamina, the energy, you can make decisions, you can study the plans, you can make your dreams come true, you can build your financial independence, you can become powerful, you can become more visible as the ‘go to’ person in your market, you can create a business model that supports your desired lifestyle. Why not you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. Turn your want into a must ….. and decide …..


There is never a better time. What is stopping you? This is a good time to develop your Vision, set your Goals, and work on your Skills. The choice is yours ..… WHY NOT YOU NOW?



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