Inside the frame

The joys of being a mother to a teenage boy. Logan was always scheming, always looking to push the boundaries… “plotting” as he called it!

He had been working down in the garage with his mates, I could hear lots of banging, talking and laughter… not taking too much notice and getting on with what mothers do, cooking for a growing teenage boy and his mates.

Taking down the American hot dogs and chips for lunch I saw to my utter amazement… a land yacht.

The yacht was made from his father’s golf trundler, the wheel bearings eventually burnt out because of the speed this thing could travel. The sails from our sunburst yacht connected to a base they had made, starting of with one 4 x 2, which was not strong enough, and after a couple of adjustments they doubled up on two 4 x 2s and his surf board attached to the top. Out onto the road and down to the school playground, which thankfully was not far away… many days of fun and laughter were had by Logan and his friends as they raced this land yacht around the school grounds.

This led me to ask the question how can you and I think outside of the frame in our businesses? How can we think of things that no-one else thinks of?

The answer is by deliberately reframing or taking a different approach to the issue from everyone else.

Are you up for the challenge of reframing ideas and challenges in your business as we head into 2021?




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