When I was 50 I had a midlife crisis. 30kg to lose and unfit. Took myself off to the Gym and decided to work with a personal trainer. After about 2 months the energy disappeared, and it all seemed pointless. Being a goal driven person this was challenging, until my PT said…”:why don’t you take up body building and compete”!!

To compete in the masters division was an interesting idea and my competitive nature decided to take on that challenge. Every morning at 6am saw me pounding into the gym, program and weightlifting belt tucked firmly in my bag.

Next on the challenge list was the food, high protein, steak, chicken, tuna and egg whites, very low carbs, liters of water, protein bars and protein drinks. The weight came off and the muscles stared to develop. Then came the standard competition routine and the 2 minute freestyle routine to learn.

A week before competition water was eliminated, food was reduced, and body was being painted in brown body paint… Urgh?? The big day arrived, and I was competing in the afternoon and at night… and yes, I have trophies that remind me of this journey. In fact, I continued with body building and competed for 3 more years.

When you step outside of your comfort zone you challenge yourself to learn, explore and expand your knowledge, and also to come into contact with some wonderful awesome people that can support you to grow, develop and help you challenge your mindset and perception. This attitude has carried me through many challenges in my business and personal life.

When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone?

What is the next big leap of faith you will take in your business?




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