What did you decide you wanted in your business this trip around the sun?

Were you hopeful this year would be different? Has anything changed, are you turning up to work and getting caught up in the day to day stuff of running a business? Do you feel like you are on the daily treadmill doing heaps and getting nowhere?

Are you running your business on autopilot?

I had a blinding flash of the obvious last year and realised that I was on autopilot. Sure I was getting through my work but it was just happening without any thought or planning in my day and I was wasting a lot of valuable time.

Autopilot was costing me lost opportunities and sometimes taking me completely off course, landing me at a destination that I had not envisioned or planned. I realised that I was not being intentional about my day.

My first step to becoming more intentional was to get out of my own way and start setting powerful intentions, daily, weekly monthly and yearly. Being intentional is to be deliberate about everything we do. Having a routine isn’t a bad thing. It is important is to be on purpose and handle each situation with clarity, with the end result in mind.

Peter D. Winiarski, Author of ‘A daily action log for achieving your goals in 90 days’ walks us through three types of actions we can use to achieve our goals and move us towards our desired future state.

1. Daily Habits

There are some actions that we take daily that support us and move us toward our goals. Daily habits help provide some structure and routine in our day. They are also a way to invest in our future and compound our efforts over time. Working out a little bit a day, adds up over time.

These are things like visualising goals, saying affirmations, meditating, reading, exercising, and other disciplines proven to accelerate our goal achievement.

2. Planned Actions

Planned actions are the specific tasks that we identify that we need to do to accomplish something or move towards our goals.

These are the actions we take as a result of writing an action plan for a specific result or goal. For example, if you want to increase your client base by 10% each month.

3. Inspired Actions

Exciting thoughts popping out of nowhere happen and it’s a good thing, if we take advantage of it. Inspired actions are the actions we take based on our flashes of insight or brilliant ideas that pop into our head.
These solutions and ideas will pop into our awareness, seemingly out of nowhere, it is now up to us to take the actions inspired by our ideas.

How are you going to become more intentional and get from where you are now to where you want to be?

How are you going to become more intentional so that you are driving your business towards your vision for your future? What monthly goals and action plans will you put into place, and how will you stay focused and intentional?


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