Assessing the 2017 Electra Business Excellence Awards has begun. One of the things that we discuss with each entrant is their ‘Unique Business Difference.’

It is an interesting question, isn’t it? Why do people buy your product or service from you? We give great service is the usual answer, and they are probably right. I am sure they do give great service however, the problem is, so do many of your competitors.

So, what makes your customers choose to buy from you over your competition? The answer is clear………. Better price, better range, better service, better quality.

In other words, there is a perceivable difference between you and your competitors.

To reiterate. People choose from whom they will buy based on the differences they PERCEIVE between your product or service and your competitor’s product or service.

If your customer cannot PERCEIVE a difference between your product or service and your competitor’s product or service they will always buy on PRICE.

If you are not giving your customer anything to choose on other than price, then you are educating them to be the worst sort of customer – a price shopper! They will spend considerable amounts of time picking your brains, then ask the price, ask for a discount and say they MIGHT come back. And, we all know where they’ve gone. Yes, straight to your competitors to compare prices. They are also the most likely to complain after the sale or try to get a refund.

Unless you have a clearly defined uniqueness, that is, unless you have a crystal-clear reason that truly makes your business different from your competitor, then you will have little chance of being able to set yourself apart from them.

If you have a uniqueness that is clearly defined and articulated to yourself, your team and your clients, you will have the foundation on which to be able to achieve the goals you have set for your business. You will see results and achieve success far exceeding your current expectations.



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