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NZ Grazing

Late in 2014 we recognised that our business was in the process of changing quite dramatically from a position of being stretched to fulfil existing business, to a position of dynamically seeking new business. This led us to ask for Heather's help.
Our experience working with Heather since then is proving to be very beneficial as we have re-focused our core values, business plan and brand promise while building our team and starting to achieve strategic goals. Most importantly, we are enjoying the journey with Heather as she actively participates in our regular 'Hangout' meetings and our regular conference meetings are fun as we learn new skills.
Her broad based experience and skills enable her to provide the services that many small and medium size businesses really need. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather as a business Mentor, Trainer and Coach who is able to work with the full spectrum of personality types one is likely to encounter in business.
Thank you Heather.


Absolute Skin Care

Heather Hutchings has been a mentor and an inspiration for me. Heather has helped and supported my Team and I ensuring we not only set goals but continuously achieved them as well.  Working one-on-one with clients meant that often it was Heather who did the follow-up after our meetings, working closely with our whole team to ensure we all achieved our goals. Heather has encouraged me to move forward with new ideas and assisted me with formulating a succession plan for my current business whilst at the same time keeping me focused on my new business venture.

Heather's contacts have proved invaluable along with her expertise and drive plus her positive optimism. Without Heather and her supportive confidence I wouldn't have had the courage to step out of the comfort zone. Thanks Heather - I couldn't have go this far without you.


Super Minx

Retail had taken a big downward turn and I needed to make some quick changes to keep my business afloat. For 12 months Heather worked alongside me, guiding me through this very stressful and difficult time. Meeting with Heather, in the beginning every week, to meet targets and create new ones gave Superminx the momentum that was needed. This close support has seen me change my business model, give me confidence with suppliers, work better with my staff, but most of all pay debt and keep my business going.

Heather not only holds her own wealth of knowledge but is the 'Networking Queen' and if she doesn't know then she will know someone who does and is very forth coming with these contacts. Heather has a natural fascination with business and has so much personal drive, which alone inspires everyone around her. I have to thank Heather for her support throughout this journey as I'm not sure the road I would have taken, would have had the outcome I have today.


Brien Electrical

Heather has taught us the importance of having a Business Plan including a Strategic Plan, Core Values and a Brand Promise and helped us to identify and develop some basics we were lacking such as Job Descriptions.  These things have set us up to grow our business over that time even though we have been through a Global Economic Recession!

We have appreciated Heather's "Hands-On" approach - she is there whenever we need her to support us with staff training and development, goal-setting, and almost anything else we need to off-load!!


By Design Fashions

I highly recommend Heather Hutchings as a business Coach Mentor to any Business who is looking at taking a fresh look at their business.  I have been in business 26 years and it was invaluable having Heather help me Refocus on my business, set business goals, push myself outside my comfort zone and find a new passion for my business.

Having someone I was accountable to, within a time frame and tasks and challengers to really evaluate and challenge myself as to where I wanted my business to be now and in the future.  What I found of most Value was having a sounding board, especially over these very challenging times, Heather has a real finger on the pulse in our Business area. She has a Vibrant, infectious positive personality, and was a pleasure to work with.


Body Mind Spirit Well-being

I set up my own business in January 2011 starting with one client per week. I can emphatically say that without the guidance, support, business wisdom and concise goal setting encouraged by Heather I would not be where I am today. Heather has given me the confidence to grow personally, and in as well as on my business in a way I never dreamt I could do. By understanding my business and getting to know me we have gone beyond the business mentor-client relationship to a deeper friendship and I value her honesty, integrity and ability to challenge my beliefs and limitations, so I can be the best i can thankyou Heather, you are an inspiration.



Heather and I met monthly and also regular in contact via email. Heather was always prepared and ready to go with another challenge set out for me at each meeting and it is based on goals I set with her at the beginning of the year.

I always feel that Heather is so committed to me and my business and think of her as a very integral and trusted part of my team, Heather has a very committed and focused attitude when it comes to my business and is always looking at it holistically. I really valued our time together as at the end of it I feel empowered, motivated and inspired. Heather occasionally ran sessions with my whole team and they too enjoy and benefit from them, Heather has an incredible way of bringing out the best in people and is such a joy to spend time with!!


Hire a Hubby Kapiti

Heather Hutchings arrived in our 'business life' when were at crossroads with our Hire a Hubby Franchise and needed to make some serious decisions about our future. Heather's expertise and drive has enabled us to significantly grow our business, which now has sound direction, good systems and is very goal focussed, enabling us to achieve financial, business and personal goals, including winning National awards.

With Heather now available as our 'go to person' for support, encouragement , direction or just as someone we can sound ideas off, we continue to manage growth , team , market share and increase credibility and reputation in the local community.  Heather listened, questioned, laughed with, coached, coerced and inspired us to move forward with confidence. She really understood the need and style required to deal with both of us as we react, respond, learn and relate quite differently.

But…just when you think you can sit back, there's Heather with the next planning session, more goals, the 'what next' questions. Heather is great at encouraging us to celebrate our successes, but doesn't allow us to become complacent - this keeps us on track, motivated and accountable.


HMC Kapiti

Heather provided guidance, made me accountable and worked with our team to build a strong bond within the company and clarify our direction as a unit. She provided me with an uncomplicated method to track and measure our progress towards our goals - of which she assisted the team and myself to set. Heather is an inspiration! And with her knowledge and business background she is most certainly one to have around if you are ready to commit to growth and excellence in your field.


Spectro Print

Heather's mentorship has been invaluable to our company and to ourselves, in refreshing the direction and focus of Spectro Print. Talking through our goals and obstacles with a positive, experienced outside influence really helps to shape the way we see our business moving into the future and allows us to set measurable, achievable goals to measure our success.


A1 Homes

Heather has been great support to both myself and my team over the past few years helping us embed our business systems and processes as our business coach.  We experienced rapid growth during the first year of running our business which meant we needed to promptly get our framework underway and keep evolving it as the business grew so it was critical to get the help we needed quickly and have someone also keep me accountable for the actions we set in place.  I have enjoyed being an attendee at her Chamber run workshops and now also being a client of her own business with her network connections being invaluable to my company.



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