Your Energy Is Your Superpower, Your Superpower Is Your Energy

We bring many unique gifts to our businesses and personal worlds, gifts like patience, enthusiasm, creativity, empathy and generosity. Another gift we can gratefully call upon is our energy. This one’s important. This one is a true superpower.

Many of the leaders and Business Founders that I work with don’t consider energy to be a gift, let alone a superpower. So this month I am going to try to reframe the perspective on this, so that over the holiday break we can learn to embrace the power of that gift.

Energy impacts on everything you say, do and feel. It impacts your emotions and infiltrates your thoughts. It sways your mood and it affects your motivation.

What if we focus on the ‘ups’ and let ourselves off about the downs? What if we acknowledge the things in our lives that restore our energy and be mindful of the things that deplete it?

To help demonstrate the thinking behind this, let’s look at the ‘downs’ for a moment.

When our energy is depleted, we feel overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out. But we haven’t finished the list yet. So we keep going, we fit more in, we squeeze everything we can out of a day. Society has helped us normalise this. If we’re not complaining of being tired, we mustn’t be working hard enough or doing a good enough job. Thanks society, you can keep your mouth closed now!

Time to tap into the superpower that is your energy.

We need to understand our own individual energy levels and flows. Morning person? Night owl? Embrace the time(s) of day when you feel your most productive.

Understand how to recharge your energy. Understand how to get up and walk away from a task and when to take action. When you are aware of your optimal energy level you can access it and utilise it. This is called tapping into your superpower.

The very important thing to acknowledge is that when you don’t appreciate and look after the gift of your energy, your other gifts will get knocked over, left high and dry, and forgotten about.

This time of year can be the most stressful for so many reasons. Every gift we have in our toolbox is challenged. Patience and enthusiasm are put to the test – don’t even get me started about the shopping mall carparks!

This time of year is a catalyst for all things that test us, it’s also the perfect time of year to recalibrate and to recharge your energy so it can operate at the most optimum level.

  • switch off from work
  • take a break from normal routines
  • avoid overbooking your days
  • reserve time to seek peace (and be OK with days where little is achieved. It’s OK. You and your energy will be back tomorrow)
  • get some sleep

Give yourself the best gift of all this Christmas, value your energy as much as you value the other gifts in your life – family, friends, things that make you smile. I guarantee, if you reframe your thinking on this, you will be stepping into 2023 with the most rewarding superpower of all.

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